About Me





Ami Bojang, born in Barcelona, 1974.

Currently living in Amsterdam and working in the fashion industry.


I have always been in love with fashion and for the last years dreaming of creating my company with my own designs.

Everything started when I shared this idea with my mother. Like me, she's always been involved in fashion, and with her full knowledge of how to develop a collection, she was keen on helping me to launch this project: The first collection saw the light in summer 2013. 


The aim of ami bojang as a brand is offering easy-to-wear designs which combine perfectly with the rest of your wardrobe. The collection is inspired by a combination of nature and the urban world, a pure reflection of my way of living. As I love flowers, you will find them in many items, and because I love a cosmopolitan life, pavement tonalities are the basis of the line.


What makes it different?

  • Every item is handmade
  • Carefully chosen patterns & prints
  • Special details
  • Rich fabrics

Everything together makes each piece unique.


Hope you enjoy the collection as much as I enjoy designing them!


Ami Bojang



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